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Wednesday Evening @ Billy's

UPDATED: Monday, November 30, 2015

@ 6 PM

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Hell-of-a turnout Sunday....it's the weather. Thanx to Eileen, Jane, Jean & Chris, Frank, Andrew, Susan, Arielle, Carmen, Heather, Linni & Roger, Josie & Mark, Jen & Nathan along with Zack, Sara & Emma,Terri, Janet & Bud and their friends, Nancy & Earl, Laura & Max, Jane & Dave and the '32 Ford, Rosie & Carl, Tom the writer, Tom the game scorekeeper, Hairy Harry all of the nice Brits who won't be back until September (Cheerio) and everyone who enyoyed a beautiful afternoon at Woody's. I'll see you again Sunday.


3:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Calendar Note:
For what has become a tradition for me for the past 5 years,
I will be at Woody's on Christmas Day

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Thank you so much to Jo & Andy along with Cheryl & Keith, Ari & Tanya, Carol & Angel, "Jammin" Jack, Dick, Sylvie & Ed, my dear friends: Linda & Craig (formerly of Max & Sam's, Dino's, Bongo's...presently with Rowdies' Den), my Kentucky friends and everyone who continue to support me and all of us at Chill.
I return this Friday Night & Saturday Night.

Friday Nights
Saturday Nights

@ 7 PM
357 Corey Avenue
In the former "Madeleina Cottage Restaurant"
just 2 blocks east of the old location.
(727) 360-2445
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Thank You Patti, You did a great job:
Tampa Bay Times / Life Times section.
Dated May 22, 2013